ORION web server usage

Here you have an example of the use of ORION web server for your protein structure prediction and analysis.

ORION web server can be used to search for protein remote homologs from a query sequence.
A protein model can be built from a selected template.
Here we describe the steps for template searching and 3D modeling using ORION web server.

How to submit your target sequence

First : Read and check our terms of use.
Second : Input your sequence by filling out the text box or by submitting your sequence text-file.

First step

Third : Choose the different parameters for template searching and the display of the results.

Parameters/Options selection

Waiting : Note the estimated waiting time for the job and bookmark the results page, if you want to come back later to see the results.

Waiting results

ORION results

Fourth : Check for ORION results. ORION selected templates and their alignment.

Create a protein model

Fifth : If you want to obtain a 3D model for your query sequence, select a suitable template (generally on the top 10 hits). Then enter a MODELLER KEY and build the 3D model.
The MODELLER license requires you to enter a MODELLER-key to use MODELLER.
To obtain the MODELLER license key please fill out the License Agreement at : http://salilab.org/modeller/registration.shtml.
This key is freely and easily available for academic users and non-commercial users.

3D modeling

Sixth : Interact with and analyze your protein model.


Seventh : Analyze the global/local protein model quality.