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Enter the name of the species and
/or the genus.

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Coarse-grained models in TMPL are classified as 'Experimental', since they are martinized versions of native structures.
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External entry codes:
• UniProtKB AC:  or PDB ID:
Entries in TMPL are identified by either the UniProtKB AC of the protein chain, or the PDB ID of the structure, depending on whether they are theoretical or experimental models, respectively.

• Pfam Acc:

• The search terms can be partial (e.g. entering 'UU' in the PDB ID field will match with '4YUU' and '4UUJ').

• A wildcard operator (*) can be used to match one or more alphanumeric characters (e.g. see the results of searching 'virus' and '*virus' in the Organism field).

• The search in TMPL is not case-sensitive.