Welcome to RESPIRE

Welcome to the Repository of Enhanced Structures of Proteins Involved in the Red blood cell Environment. This database aims at providing a reference, ordered and protein-driven information on proteins available in the erythrocyte.

You will find on this database annotations for proteins detected in the latest differenciation stages of erythropoesis. To help in finding useful content, reference external databases are queries regularly and then RESPIRE methods allow the integration of both this data and of additionnal processing into dedicated pages, one per protein (See Documentation for details).

With a combination of structural information, clinical information and links to reference external databases, it simplifies the access to access to RBC components for biologists, clinicians and structural biologists.

The protein structures presented in the carousel display models produced by the DSIMB laboratory for some protein of interest.

Start browsing the database by clicking an image in the carousel, by using pre-set searches in the Search dropdown menu, or by searching by protein name, gene name or uniprot identifier in the top search box. Many links are also provided in protein entries to propose alternative browsing facilities.

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Aquaporin-1 with known mutants

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Duffy Antigene / Receptor of Chemokines as modelled @DSIMB

Citation of the database:
Repository of Enriched Structures of Proteins Involved in the Red Blood Cell Environment (RESPIRE).
Téletchéa S, Santuz H, Léonard S, Etchebest C. (2019). PLOS ONE 14(2): e0211043.