Alexandre G. de Brevern's publications

Year 2011

  1. Amiard A., Baczynski C., Blanchet C., de Brevern A.G., Dorlanne-Messiaen E., Grognard E., Kisselova G., Malpertuy A., Menez-Jamet J. , Racle I., Rouger C.
    Electronic laboratory notebook (eLN)
    STP Pharma Pratiques (2011), 21(6):475-503.

    The laboratory notebook is an essential work tool in the company and in the laboratory. It allows durable follow-up of experiments; it is also an essential legal tool. Electronic versions of laboratory notebooks have become increasingly efficient over recent years, providing new functions, more rapid access to data and aid to decision-making, but they also raise new questions concerning their ease of use and their possible limitations. This article is designed to summarize the specificities and advantages of the electronic laboratory notebook as well as its current limitations.

Alexandre G. de Brevern
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