Agnel Praveen Joseph PhD

Year 2011

  1. Joseph A.P.
    Comparison of protein folds based on similarities in local backbone conformation.
    Doctorat de l'Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7 - Spécialité : Analyses de Génomes et Modélisation Moléculaire (2011) 244 p.


    The rapidly increasing number of available protein structures necessitates fast and efficient tools for the comparison of protein folds. An efficient "sequence-like" structural alignment approach was developed by representing backbone conformation as a series of letters, with the use of Protein Blocks (PBs) [de Brevern et al. 2000, Joseph et al. 2010]. Classical Needleman-Wunsch dynamic programming was used and a dedicated PB substitution matrix was generated for scoring the alignment. Refined substitution matrices and an anchor based dynamic programming approach were used to improve the efficiency of this approach. For extending this approach to multiple structural alignment, a progressive strategy similar to that used in CLUSTALW, was adopted. The PB based pairwise (iPBA - and multiple (mulPBA) structure comparison approaches (mulPBA) was better than many other popular tools in more than 85% of alignments generated on benchmark datasets [Joseph et al. 2011, 2012, 2013]. This alignment strategy was also used to assess the performance of a fold recognition approach based on PB prediction. The influence of species specific data on sequence-structure relationship was also analysed using PBs [de Brevern et al. 2011]. The PB variations among homologous proteins were also studied in detail. Short studies on PolyProline II assignments [Mansiaux et al. 2011] and chameleon sequences [Ghozlane at al. 2009] were also carried out.


    (10 papers, 1 book chapter)

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    *: authors contribute equally.

    *: both authors contributed equally to this work.

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