VLDPws is a tool for analysing protein structures based on Laguerre diagram, a powerful mathematical-geometric method. The protein structure is represented as a graph (Esque et al. 2010, Esque et al. 2011). From this diagram, information can be extracted pertaining to the packing of proteins, residue volume, contacts, its accessibility and even topological genus calculations.
VLDP software has been developed by Jeremy Esque and Christophe Oguey (LPTM, CNRS, Univ Cergy-Pontoise), while the web development has been done by Sylvain Leonard with Alexandre G. de Brevern (DSIMB, Inserm, INTS, Univ Paris Diderot).

PDB data

Use this form to upload a chain from the Protein Data Bank. Input can also be uploaded in files, see below.

Protein Data Bank uploader

Stick the chain label (A, B, C, ...) to the end of the PDB identifier.

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Upload a PDB file and enter the chain IDs.

Personal PDB file


NB : VLDP software takes the first four caracters as a personnal PDB code. Please, give a filename with at least 4 letters. The data must be provided in PDB format.
NB2 : Be aware that sometimes, solvate problems occur because of alternates or an exotic numeration. Please, in case of problems, first verify the presence of alternates. Then, it could be a good way to have your protein sequence starting at 1.


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Note that data older than 7 days are deleted. Direct access to your analysis is possible through the link :